Water Quality Matters !

We are passionate, protective and down-right obsessed with the protection of our water at Rueter-Hess Reservoir.  The primary purpose of Rueter-Hess Reservoir is drinking water storage for the Parker Water and Sanitation District and their storage partners.  Our water is pumped to Rueter-Hess Reservoir from Parker Water & Sanitation District’s diversion structure located on Cherry Creek.   The water from the Reservoir feeds into the PWSD RH Water Purification Facility located just north of the reservoir; it’s treated & distributed to our customers.

Toxic Algae  (Harmful Algae Blooms)

Algae is common and natural to our waters in Colorado. But a certain type of algae can produce toxins that can harm people, animals, and the local environment.
Toxic algae or harmful algae blooms are made up of what many people call blue-green algae. Technically, these organisms are a special type of bacteria called cyanobacteria or cyanoHABs. Although these organisms naturally occur in Colorado waters, they become a problem when they multiply rapidly, resulting in a dense cyanobacteria concentration or bloom. The blooms can become harmful when the cyanobacteria produce toxins. Learn more here... DCEED-Image-AlgaeBloomSmall

You’ll see notices like this at Rueter-Hess if Algae is present.  Be assured that we test the water regularly to check for any unsafe levels and will close the water should levels ever become high.level 1 algae notice

             HELP KEEP MUSSELS                 OUT OF OUR RESERVOIR


What are zebra and quagga mussels?
How did they get here?
What do they look like?
Where are they found?
What are the impacts?
How can I help prevent the spread of the mussels?

For answers to these and many other questions,   click here  to get current information from the Colorado State Parks & Wildlife Department.