Why can't the reservoir be open to the public "Now"?

We are still a ways out from a general public opening, as capital funding is just beginning to be budgeted for construction of basic infrastructure (e.g., staffing, restrooms, roads, parking), as well as trails, the incline and such. At this time, we are limited to a few portable restrooms, and parking in two parking lots. 

Additionally, the County requires a substantial enhancement to Hess Road prior to opening to the public.   The Recreation Authority Board has chosen to spend its dollars on enhancing the experience of those that participate in programs & events at the reservoir this summer including shade structures, picnic areas, widened roads, the first 2 miles of trail on the water side.

It is a little "basic", but we are making the best of it this summer with several organized recreational opportunities on the site!

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1. Is Rueter-Hess Reservoir open to the general public?
2. Why can't the reservoir be open to the public "Now"?
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